liquidboy // about us.

Richard ↟ Tech
Richard has pushed pixels for over two decades, having served as a creative and tech/test lead for several prominent brands and entities. As the hq lead, he works closely with the client teams to ensure projects are successfully realized from start to finish.
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Malathip ↟ Creative
Malathip weaves her background in Architecture Design bringing a structure and foundation to graphic lines. When she's not slicing vectors, you can find her prolifically producing artwork.
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We're good people.

Lets face it, industry "about" pages are drab. In the inaccessible, nerd-speak world of tech, the last thing we all need is more convoluted jargon to explain who we are and what we offer under the guise of expertise. Liquidboy ditches the posturing, unending complications, and simply, gets stuff done. Liquidboy was created to be an environment for creative problem-solvers with a well of experience to come together to develop work that matters.

We are a small, tightly-knit team of designers, developers and testers working closely with our partners. We pride ourselves on launching attractive, functional, accessible and portable solutions. Our ability to innovate in digital, as well as quickly turnaround work has made us a sought after full-service studio. Oh, and we're pretty nice folks too.

We're not Rookies.

We've been in this business for close to twenty years and have witnessed the maturation and evolution of digital. We've hung in there - through the ups and downs - and we're still going strong in an industry that is infused with new blood. Yeah, we're veterans in this game, but we still know how to have fun.